KTY sensor-1

KTY Sensor


RT = R25 x ( 1 + αxΔTA + βxΔTA2 ) = ƒ (TA)

with: α=7.88 x 10-3K-1 β=1.937 x 10-5 K-2

  • Temperature dependent resistor with positive temperature coefficient

  • Temperature range -50 to +150

  • Available in SMD or leaded or customized packages

  • Linear output

  • Excellent longterm stability

  • Polarity independent due to symmetrical construction

  • Fast response time

  • Resistance tolerances (R25) of +/-3% or +/-1%


Silicon Temperature Sensors are designed for the measurement , control and regulation of air , gases and liquids within the temperature range of -50 to +150.

The temperature sensing element is an n-conducting (N type) silicon crystal in planar technology.

The resistance of the sensor can be calculated for various temperatures from the following second order equation , valid over the temperature range -30 tp +130.